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Sri Sathya Sai Baba doing Bhoomi poojan at Dharmakshetra,Maharashtra
On 12th May, 1968, the 'Dharmakshetra', an architectural jewel fittingly built on an elevated spot commanding a panoramic view of the environs of Bombay as the International Centre of the Sai Family, was inaugurated. This Palace of God is also intended to serve as the residence of Bhagawan while at Bombay. Dharmakshetra is the first word in the first sloka of the Bhagavad Gita; it is used there as an adjective to describe the battlefield where the Kaurava might was pulverised by the Lord and His Grace showered on the Pandava 'righteousness'.
The field was known as Kurukshetra, but the intervention of God to succour the cause of Truth, Justice, peace and Love transmuted it into Dharmakshetra. The word summarises the history of the two clans who were in mortal combat on that field: it symbolises the beginningless conflict between good and bad in the human heart, a conflict that ends in the triumph of the good when, as the Pandava did, we accept and instal in our heart God as the charioteer; and now it elaborates the role of Baba in human history one step further, for, he had already declared Himself as Sanathana Sarathi, the Person at the Wheel of Life since Time began and Space rolled out, for every Being that Became!
"Engage in Karma as regulated by Dharma. Practice Dharma with the awareness that all is Brahman. March along the path of Karma to Dharmakshetra, where Brahma-realisation awaits", Baba says.
Sri Sathya Sai Baba Shanti Deep,Dharmakshetra,Mumbai,Maharashtra
History Of Dharmakshetra
Dharmakshetra as a manifestation of Divine Love, was established by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Mumbai on May 12, 1968, on the eve of the First World Conference of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation.
Thousands from all parts of India and even overseas witnessed the Inauguration. From far-flung lands they came, wafted by winds of grace. More than fifty thousand eager souls gathered that evening at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Campus at Versova, Bombay, to express their joy at the momentous occasion. The magnificent structure was completed in 108 days after the first trowel of concrete was laid! The number 9 being the theme of the holy structure, of the 18 petals of the lotus which encloses the apartments where Bhagawan would stay, of the pillars, steps and trellis squares, all in multiples of 9, the Brahma Number.
Sathya Sai Baba Wellness centre at Dharmakshetra,Mumbai,Maharashtra
Sri P.K. Sawant reminded the audience that Baba blessed Maharasthra while in His previous body at Shirdi, and it is Maharashtra's good fortune again that His Dharmakshetra has been established here itself. Baba said that every one is living, moving, acting and accumulating merit or demerit as a consequence, in kuru-kshetra, for, 'Kuru" means 'to do'. In this process, if the current of Dharma illumines every moment of life, then the Kurukshetra becomes Dharmakshetra. This, he said, will be the lesson that Dharmakshetra will radiate round the world.Baba took up residence at Sathya Deep, the rotunda with the lotus above and a moat filled with water all around; the place immediately became a hive of spiritual activity, a prolific purveyor of sweetness and light.When in Bombay, Bhagwan showered His grace on the young girls and boys from Sathya Sai Vihars, members of the Seva Dal and Bhajan Singers by blessing them with Sambhashanam (the fortune of conversation with the Lord). Every spiritual seeker embarked upon the journey to the Divine, through Karma, Gyaan and Bhakti Marg, returned with a deeper sense of living life with righteousness in heart, where Bhagwan resides.
Dharmakshetra has a Divine Destiny to fulfill in the Divine Mission. It stands tall over a hillock as a beacon for mankind to embark upon the path of Dharma or Righteous Conduct.